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stephon atlanta
Any candidate can promise the expansion of services and new projects, but it is exponentially more challenging to do so while ensuring that the city’s budget remains stable and solvent.

Stephon Ferguson understands the importance of having a sensible and balanced budget for the city of Atlanta. The city’s future is brighter than ever due to growing incoming revenue from Renew Atlanta and the T-SPLOST MARTA initiative, which will be instrumental to raising the equity of Atlanta’s transportation and infrastructure. Ferguson will follow the previous council’s lead in boosting the economy with smart and sensible financial initiatives, and will protect Atlanta’s stellar credit ratings by promoting further efforts to make Atlanta’s financial affairs even more responsible, effective, and sound.

Ferguson will also promote city relations with local businesses and job leaders to create a more hospitable and efficient economic environment. At the same time, he will hold city agencies and corporations accountable for their actions that might harm the citizens of the city. By doing so, our workforce can be more effectively distributed throughout our great city and will lead to greater prosperity for all.

Stephon Ferguson will support economic development programs that stimulate the Atlanta economy by expanding and improving our pool of workers, both skilled and unskilled. A strong and educated workforce is vitally important for any city that desires to achieve long term success. The best investment is that which delivers the greatest reward in the future, and that is why Ferguson looks to educating our children as the best way to create future jobs. Today’s children will one day become the breadwinners of the upcoming years. If we wish to enjoy exciting opportunities that are yet to come, we must invest in our young. By improving our Atlanta public schools and turning them into places that teachers across the country want to work in, we can create a world-class generation with the skills and talents to compete in a future society.

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