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lobbying organizations, and special interest groups. Timely and stringent audits will be invoked for any emergency procurements, leading to a more ethical and accountable system.

Bribery and corruption will be kept at bay with Stephon Ferguson in the council. All current major contracts will be audited thoroughly to ensure the city is paying for its services appropriately and is not being overcharged. He will implement a Pay/See policy that would allow the public to view recipients and details of any payments the city makes, as well as an establishment of a public record that anyone can use to view city contracts and partnerships. He believes an easy-to-use online system is the best way for citizens to be able to see what their city is up to, and will allow people to have a much more informed role in their city’s affairs. Even equipment that the city owns will be logged and accounted for in the database, protecting the city’s assets and increasing the efficiency of the people’s tax dollars. Finally, a cool-off period will limit the number of successive city contracts a firm can receive in a short period of time, allowing for a diverse array of contractors performing city work.

Such actions will restore the public’s faith in our election system, allowing for the success of independent, clean, and transparent candidates.

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