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stephon atlanta
In a thriving city, people need the ability to exercise their physical freedom. The gridlock that Atlanta has become famous for is keeping hardworking Americans from their jobs, families, and lives. If we address our traffic problems, businesses and entertainment leaders will be more likely to choose the city of Atlanta for their relocations. While automobiles consist of a majority of our transportation in Atlanta, we have to invest in clean, green, and dependable solutions.

The MARTA system is one of the jewels of Atlanta, as it provides a diverse array of transportation solutions to millions of passengers a year. However, we can do better. Atlanta needs to expand service and other transit opportunities to as many residents as possible, and that starts by building new stations, enhancing regional express options, and building trails and sidewalks to better fit the needs of our city. Atlanta desperately needs to create a Department of Transportation that would oversee and develop all transit projects in the city. Voters in Atlanta have shown that they want these changes, with the passage of the Renew Atlanta and T-SPLOST initiatives that will fund projects in the city. Given how much Atlanta depends on its transit and transportation infrastructure, it is imperative that we work to keep it efficient, well-governed, and well-funded.

The roads of Atlanta need to be seriously tended to. Stephon Ferguson will improve the quality of road surfaces and call for a zoning audit to ensure that new estimates of population and density are taken into account. By doing so, bottlenecking and major traffic jams will be solved and residents will be able to join their families at home at a more reasonable hour.

Biking and walking is another option that is environmentally friendly, cost effective, and healthy. Ferguson will increase the number of bike lanes and sidewalks in the city, as well as close gaps in the existing network to ensure that it is safe to ride a bicycle to work every morning and evening.

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