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stephon atlanta
Stephon Ferguson stands for green energy initiatives and responsible consumption across the globe. Atlanta remains a pinnacle of environmental reform in the United States, and Ferguson will take it further by investing in the latest technology, comprehensive recycling options, and affordable infrastructure.

Stephon Ferguson stands at the forefront of clean water policies, something that many people take for granted. As we cannot predict the circumstances of the future, it is crucial that we maintain a supply of fresh water that can sustain our city in even the direst of situations. This can be accomplished by increased storm drains, larger supply tanks, and enhanced infrastructure and piping. Conservation campaigns across the city will modernize plumbing and equipment on city property.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle. These three words have revolutionized the world as we know it by teaching Americans to limit their consumption in a more responsible and environmentally friendly manner. Ferguson will promote policies that further this education into more residents of Atlanta than ever before. The Atlanta Better Buildings Challenge and the Atlanta Commercial Energy Efficiency Ordinance have proven to be viable and effective policies in turning the tide in wasteful and harmful business practices, and he will continue to enact legislation that promotes sustainability. He will also work with energy providers to create shared renewable energy arrangements, which will allow customers to partake in the renewable revolution. He will undertake solar panel leasing efforts on city property to ensure that Atlanta is energized by clean sources of fuel. Ferguson will also replace city street lights with LED units that are many times more efficient with a much smaller energy footprint.

Further efforts Ferguson will undertake will be to expand recreational centers with sidewalks, parks, and transit systems to lower our carbon footprint on our great city. Together, we can leave behind a better world for our children so that they too may enjoy the beauty of the natural world around us.

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