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stephon atlanta
at night. Stephon Ferguson will invest in smarter and newer police technologies, better training for patrolling officers, and increasing police transparency with the citizens they protect. Ferguson will ensure that Atlanta’s finest will get the resources they need to do their job appropriately while also holding them accountable for the great responsibilities they possess. Ferguson will collaborate with the Atlanta Police Department, the Atlanta Police Foundation, and other security organizations to maintain a strong relationship with the people that protect us. He will also make sure recruiting practices will focus on hiring the best candidates this city has to offer, as well as making sure that the next generation of security forces are trained, prepared, and ready for any situation. By providing our police with the tools, funding, and personnel it needs, Atlanta will maintain its reputation as one of the safest cities in the country.

He will also support and develop community programs for youth before and after their first encounter with law enforcement. This will allow young people to understand the seriousness of the law as well as have a better understanding of how the justice system works.
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